Exploring Satellite Trackers Prices and the Best Satellite Trackers for Various Needs

Introduction to Satellite Trackers and Pricing

The range of satellite trackers at Orbital SatCom spans from basic modules used on vehicles as theft deterrence, to more sophisticated units that are interactive and allow for two-way messaging. These models are used for vehicle and asset monitoring, as well as remotely monitoring personnel, such as lone workforces or travelling VIPs. Prices vary from base units of around $100 and scale to the advanced trackers, some of which hover near $1,000. However, there are plenty of popular mid-range satellite trackers at $300-$400.

Best Satellite Tracker for Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

The SPOT X is what some customers might call the best satellite tracker for hiking due to its two-way messaging, tracking and SOS capabilities. You can use it for when you go beyond the reach of cellular network coverage to send custom messages back to friends and family, reassuring them that you are okay and on course. Conversely, people can send SMS messages to the device thanks to each one coming with its own unique US phone number. The SPOT X’s battery life is enduring too, maxing out at 10 days when set to continuous 10-minute tracking mode.

Satellite GPS Trackers: Performance and Pricing Analysis

We offer a range of satellite GPS trackers here at OSAT which are slightly different to our standard tracker line-up. Garmin GPSMAP navigators and GPS trackers each have a colour screen display that shows waypoints, landmarks, and general detailed mapping layouts and contours to give the device carrier a more precise lay of the land and distance perspectives. Because these devices are more advanced, their price points range from $350-$650, but you get what you pay for as some of them are connected to the Iridium satellite network, and that offers truly global connectivity and coverage, meaning you can find your way by following your map screen from any location on earth.

Global Satellite Trackers: Worldwide Coverage and Pricing

Any handheld GPS tracker with a lower case ’i’ in its product name means it has built-in inReach® technology as standard. inReach devices run off the Iridium satellite network to achieve truly global coverage. Typically more expensive than standard models, the inReach range are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to roam further and explore deeper.

Handheld Marine GPS Devices: Navigation and Communication

Our global satellite tracker range isn’t just limited to tracking people on foot, we also offer handheld marine GPS devices too. The Garmin GPSMAP 86s, for example, lets you cast off with confidence thanks to its feature-rich setup of at-a-glance boat data, smart notifications, and enhanced fishing and navigation charts. It integrates wirelessly with your onboard marine system to supercharge your nautical navigation experience. You can sync your device up with compatible Garmin chart plotters and instruments and get real-time boat data displayed on your handheld at the press of a button, all for $339.99.

SPOT Gen4 Satellite Tracker: Features and Pricing Comparison

The SPOT Gen4 satellite tracker is the latest in the line of reliable and trusted SPOT satellite trackers. This tracker allows you to keep in touch with friends and family and call for help nearly anywhere in the world. Improvements have been made to battery life and durability on the 4th generation model. At $149, it is not as expensive as the SPOT X satellite tracker, but is more advanced than the SPOT Trace in that it allows for interval tracking, SOS capabilities and pre-defined messages which can be sent to friends, family or colleagues. These messages can be delivered to email addresses or by SMS. Simply set up the text you wish to send and the recipients you want to send to before your trip and at the push of a button your message can be sent.

SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker and SPOT X Satellite Tracker: Pricing and Applications

The other two SPOT devices in the trio are the SPOT X Satellite Tracker and the SPOT TRACE Satellite Tracker. These powerful satellite trackers have differing use cases and vary in price due to their capabilities. The SPOT TRACE, for example, at $125, is used purely to make sure your valuable assets can be monitored while you are away from them for an extended period of time. If you’re leaving your car or motorbike behind to go on holiday, for instance, you could fit a SPOT TRACE to them and check they have remained where you left them by logging into the online mapping portal where their location will be logged. The $230 SPOT X, on the other hand, provides two-way satellite messaging when you’re off the grid or beyond reliable cellular coverage. It is the only SPOT device that comes with a display screen of 2.7”, fully backlit, and an illuminated qwerty keyboard for interactive and two-way messaging to any cell phone number or email address from anywhere in the world.

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