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Blog-Header - 2019-04-12T095913.141 Global Telesat Communications' partnership with EVERYWHERE Communications Inc. offers purpose built-solutions with their new product, the EC-100 tracker.

EVERYWHERE Communications, Inc.

EVERYWHERE is led by a team of industry renowned individuals who have deployed $2B in connect and Internet of Things (IoT) services. They deliver satellite and cellular safety, security and productivity services for enterprise and government organizations. “We are excited to be partnering with EVERYWHERE, allowing us to bring its innovative range of communications, location and monitoring systems to our customers. EVERYWHERE’s technology and proven industry experience makes them a leader in the market. The EC-100, App and Hub fits perfectly into our current product portfolio while expanding our enterprise-level system offerings,” said David Phipps, Chief Executive Officer of Orbital Tracking.


The EVERYWHERE App is purpose-built for enterprise and governments with employees on-the-go looking for a solution to connectivity. The app operates independently on Wi-Fi or Cellular networks. Also, it can be paired with the EC-100 tracker to provide global Iridium satellite connectivity and connections. The app is available through both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The EVERYWHERE App works on a wide variety of Android and iOS phones, including Androids running version 6.0 and iPhones running iOS version 10.0 and later. The app works in conjunction with the EVERYWHERE Hub to provide three primary functions:

SOS Alert

The ability for users to trigger an SOS alert from their phone via the app is invaluable. Simply swipe on the SOS button. Next it will ask you to confirm before activating the SOS alert to your designated monitoring center (GEOS). Also, the EVERYWHERE Hub operators can confirm the alert and your position status. The SOS can be easily cancelled by swiping the SOS feature to deactivate the alert. The SOS feature should only be activated in emergency situations.

Team Tracking

The app provides both individual and team situational awareness via the Maps feature. The real-time view of resources provides a complete picture for team deployment. Team icons provide at-a-glance visual indicators to confirm a resource's location, distance and information. This enables the ability to easily message and communication with team members as a group or individually. The Mapping and Team tracking has a variety of features, including:

Targeted Search

Using rich search features in the app, users can easily locate team members by name. Simply click the magnifying glasses or use the search bar. As a result, this feature is efficient in reducing the time potentially spent manually searching for teams and individuals on the map.

Live Tracking

Users can track individual users or entire teams, by clicking on the icon of you team member. Also, the app will display the range between you and the team member and well as the bearing of that team or individual.

Map Track

The app enables users to follow and track user locations, as well as useful information including team or individual directions. Therefore, this feature is effective for connecting individuals to teams or tracking team progress. The Map Track feature is only available for iOS devices.


The EVERYWHERE app supports both text and voice messaging as well as the ability to send geo-tagged photos. This feature of the app allows users to communicate with a single contact or an entire time, in real-time.

Chat Messaging:

Users can easily write custom messaging to contact team members directly.

Quick Messaging:

Users are able to select and send 'Quick Messages'. An example of a preformatted message could include 'Need Assistance', 'Heading Back' 'I'm OK'. Therefore, this is ideal for checking-in with Hub users regularly or asking for immediate help in non-emergency situations.

Broadcast Messaging:

This feature allows users to send or reply to messages to a group of contacts. Also, photos, videos and audio recordings can be broadcasted to all devices. EVERYWHERE Hub The EVERYWHERE Hub is designed for the management and tracking of your assets as well as for emergency response. For situations where personnel recovery and Search-and-Rescue operations are required, the Hub is essential. The Hub provides real-time situational awareness and asset tracking by position, status and message information to enable two-way communication in the field.

Key Features

Multi-device, Multi-network Support

An unlimited number of devices can be added to the EVERYWHERE hub, so operators can observe and manage all of their assets via one portal. P Each device added to the EVERYWHERE Hub is required to purchase a licence.

Intelligent Routing

The EVERYWHERE Hub and App work closely together to ensure that users stay connected and communicate via the most cost effective manner.

Emergency Signalling and Messaging

EVERYWHERE Hub operators can contact individuals and teams directly to exchange message information. Also, they receive notifications when an SOS button has been pressed via the EC-100 tracker or app. This guarantees fast assistance and position status to relay to GEOS. Additionally, Hub operators can cancel SOS alerts from the portal, once the user confirms their safety.

On-The-Move Tracking and Monitoring

The EVERYWHERE Hub displays real-time awareness and tracking. Assets and team members position and directional status is available to Hub operators.

Geo-fencing and Data Filtering

Geo-fences can be drawn on the EVERYWHERE Hub to ensure the safety of all team members. Additionally, data can be filtered and reports downloaded to review assets.


EVERYWHERE Hub operators can communicate directly with team members or broadcast messages to all device users through the secure network. Additionally, they can call individual devices and send text messages to relay information in real-time.

Multi-Device Management

The EVERYWHERE Hub provides a hierarchical operating picture of all your devices. Therefore, devices can be managed more efficiently. Desktop DevicesLaptoppng

Managing devices and users through the Hub:

  • Send messages to one or more team members
  • Obtain information on device status
  • Remotely configure devices
  • Identify closet assets to be deployed, in cases of emergency situations
  • Receive SOS alerts

The EC-100 Tracker

This handheld Satellite tracker operates on the Iridium network. Therefore, providing users with global SOS functions to connect to GEOS in emergency situations. The EC-100 provides personal and team tracking to keep teams in communication wherever they are. The EC-100 can be used on its own, or paired with the EVERYWHERE App. This connects the tracker to a wider network through an online portal, the EVERYWHERE HUB. ec-100-ec-logo_4 - transparent

Key Features

Global Coverage

The tracker operates on the Iridium satellite network, to provide users with global coverage. Once connected to the mobile app, users have full mobile and satellite network connectivity.

EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing

The app and hub are integrated to allow users to connect seamlessly. Additionally, this tracker users routing technologies. The trackers determines the most intelligent route for communication based on available bandwidth - Satellite, Cellular and Wi-Fi.

Removable Antenna

The tracker's antenna screws off to allow users to connect an external antenna. This is ideal for using the tracker inside a vehicle and attaching the antenna to the roof.

Full Colour TFT Display

The full colour display enhances user experience, whilst the arrows are easy to use for navigating through the menu. Therefore, users can rely on the device at night and low visibility environments.

SOS Alert

The SOS button is located on the side of the EC-100 tracker, to be pressed easily in emergency situations. Alternatively, users can trigger their SOS button through the App, as shown above. Remote workers in distress can activate the SOS button on their device. This subsequently triggers an alert to their designated monitoring center (GEOS) or their EVERYWHERE Hub.

Easily Paired with App

Once the app is installed on your mobile device, only Bluetooth is required to pair the two devices. Simply turn on the Bluetooth on the EC-100 tracker and your mobile device to connect.


When you connect your EC-100 tracker to the EVERYWHERE App, you can send rich text and media messages. Also. quick messages can be sent to communicate with team members and those operating the EVERYWHERE Hub. Additionally, on the side of the tracker, users can easily press the star button. This sends a favourited message quickly and instantly via the Iridium network.


Some data including photos, video and audio messaging cannot be sent via the Iridium network. Therefore they will be stored via the app and sent when a mobile or Wi-Fi connection is established.


The EC-100 tracker is a lightweight hand-held device with full colour display, which can easily attach to a rucksack.
General Specifications
Dimensions 11.5 x 6.8 x 3.5 cm
Weight 192g
Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity < 75% RH

1.8" screen

128 x 160 pixel Full Colour TFT

Battery Type

2000 mAH internal rechargeable Li-ion battery

Satellite Modem

Iridium 9603N

GPS Module

Ublox MAD-M8Q, GPS and GLONASS support


Mini USB and Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE


Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information about the EC-100 tracker.

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