Enhancing Safety and Connectivity by Unleashing the Power of Satellite Trackers

Introduction to Satellite Trackers: Advancing Exploration and Safety

From epic, solo trekking adventures to extreme, off-grid endurance sporting challenges, the love exploring the great outdoors still lives strong among millions of people all across globe. Such a lust for embracing truly wild nature and far-flung areas demands the need to remain in reliable communication with key contacts that don’t make it along for the journey. This is where satellite trackers play a vital role. They’re compact, robust, have great battery lives, and can pin-point an individual’s location to an online dashboard so that they can be monitored remotely.

The Versatile and Trustworthy SPOT Gen4 Satellite Tracker

The SPOT Gen4 satellite tracker is the newest member of the SPOT family. It is hugely popular among OSAT customers and can be used in both commercial applications as well as for leisure. It’s a compact and durable tracker device that lets you keep track of, for example, remote workers where their location and coordinates can be viewed in a cloud-based portal. Together with an integrated SOS functionality, you can see your workers have arrived safely and be alerted of emergency situations. SPOT is easy to set-up and offers inclusive messaging subscriptions. This means fixed price subscription invoices, a great feature when calculating ongoing costs for your project.

Tracking and Asset Monitoring Made Simple with the SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker

If you are going away for an extended period of time and leaving valuable possessions behind, fitting a SPOT Trace satellite tracker to a car, caravan, trailer, motorbike, or even jet-ski, will ensure that you know always know where your valuable assets are at a moment’s notice. The SPOT Trace is purely for asset management rather than logging the location of people, and can be set to Dock Mode for tracking assets like boats and other vessels that live on the water. The SPOT Trace transmits your asset's GPS coordinates every 2 ½, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes to an online mapping portal, which can be viewed from your smartphone or online. You can be alerted to unauthorized movement by setting the tracker to send text and/or email messages to you when movement is detected. In the event of theft you will be alerted of the asset's movement immediately and be able to follow any further movements on the online mapping portal.

Two-Way Communication and Location Sharing With the Spot X Satellite Tracker

When venturing beyond the reach of traditional cellular network connectivity, the SPOT X satellite tracker is an ideal way of remaining contactable. Unlike the SPOT Gen4 and the SPOT Trace, the SPOT X is the only tracker from the SPOT range with a display screen and a keypad. These features allow users to easily engage in two-way messaging conversations, and with integrated Bluetooth capabilities, the SPOT X syncs up with your smartphone to access your contact list, making it even quicker and easier to alert loved ones in the event of an emergency. Indeed, the SPOT X even comes with built-in SOS capabilities. Activation of the SOS button sends your GPS coordinates to FocusPoint International every 2.5 minutes until the SOS message is acknowledged by the emergency response center.

Dependable Tracking and Communication Solution with inReach® GPS Tracking

Departing slightly from the realms of SPOT satellite trackers, our range of Garmin inReach GPS tracker devices take things up a level in the sense that they all come with display screens on which the user can follow their own coordinates and location. An inReach satellite GPS tracker also operates via the world’s only truly global satellite network, Iridium, whereas our SPOT trackers run off the Globalstar network which covers all regions except mid-Africa, far eastern Europe and the Middle East, and Greenland. Mainly because of these two key differences, inReach GPS trackers are typically more expensive than SPOT trackers, but they cater for different applications and scenarios, so, while both options are solid contenders in address safety through satellite tracking, it is very much dependent on the needs of the end user as to which device is the best solution.

Using a Satellite GPS Tracker for Precise Positioning and Navigation in Far Off Places

When faced with the prospect of navigating your way through an unfamiliar, isolated region, like for example, Antarctica or the Navarro desert, acquiring your bearing through the use of a GPS tracker could be the lifeline that can get you from point to point. As long as you’re in a wide enough open space with a clear view of the sky, you will be able to pick up a satellite signal and your device will work. Some devices come with integrated topographical mapping software – or allow separate packages to be installed – that show many points of interest and geographical features such as lakes, boundary lines, pathways, hilltops, and more.

Using a Satellite GPS Tracker for Precise Positioning and Navigation In Far-Off Places

When trying to navigate your way through difficult terrain, especially if there are no visual reference points such as road signs, natural, or man-made fixtures, a satellite GPS tracker is the ideal solution. Once you have obtained satellite lock on your global satellite tracker, the display will show pre-defined you and let you set your own waypoints to break up the overall journey and make it easier to follow. You can track and monitor your progress as you, and some mapping tools are accessible in offline mode, so sometimes you don’t necessarily need a connection to find your way.

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