Comparing Top-Ups, Sims, and Other Prepaid Options with Iridium Airtime

Introduction to Iridium Airtime and Prepaid Solutions

Just like with the smartphone in your pocket, satellite phones also need airtime loaded onto them in order to operate properly. At OSAT, we offer a full range of airtime options from all leading satellite network providers, including the globally-reaching Iridium. So, whether you need a satellite phone to aide you on a short-term personal challenge, or to be your primary communications solution year on year at dedicated events or occasions, we have an airtime package that can suit almost any need and requirement.

Overview of Iridium Airtime for Uninterrupted Communication

Because the Iridium network is the world’s only truly global network, it means you can use an Iridium satellite phone handset from any location, including the most remote places like Antarctica or the Australian Outback. As long as your Iridium phone has enough Iridium airtime – either as top-ups or one of our Iridium sat phone prepaid SIMs – you will receive seamless coverage at all times.

How to Choose the Right Iridium Sat Phone Top-Ups

If you only need a satellite phone for a short-to-medium term trip, adventure, or excursion, we would strongly recommend purchasing one or more of our Iridium sat phone top-ups. There are quite a few options available, and they all comes as different data & minute bundles. For example you can purchase 100 minutes that are valid for 30 days, or 200 minutes for 180 days, even 600 minutes valid for a whole year. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to prepaid minute bundles. As long as you use your minutes without going over your validity period with an active prepaid voucher applied, you might find this option is better value for money than signing up to a rolling monthly contract.

Boosting Global Communication with Iridium Prepaid SIMs

Our range of prepaid SIM cards offer peace of mind in longevity. You simply sign up to a contract that fits your needs, and you then don’t have to worry about running out of data or minutes. You can let the month come to an end, and your minutes and data will top themselves back up to the monthly allowance. Starting at $74 a month, you can choose from four different Iridium SIM card plans that offer inclusive minutes and SMS sends every month. We highly recommend taking out a contract for anyone thinking of using a satellite phone for longer than six months to a year in order to benefit from better value for money.

Iridium GO! Using Top-Ups to Enable Versatile Connectivity

It isn’t just satellite phones that require airtime for them work, our satellite hotspots need it too. Take the Iridium GO! exec, for example. Without enough Iridium GO! top-ups loaded to this powerful device, people would not be able to communicate via their phone or other smart devices from remote locations. They wouldn’t be able to send WhatsApp messages, make calls, or file share from the middle of the Atlantic ocean unless their Iridium GO! exec had enough relevant airtime applied.

"Iridium GO!" Connectivity on the Go with Prepaid SIMs

Iridium GO! prepaid SIMs work much in the same way as top-ups, however, they are aimed at people who have not purchased a SIM card from us before. Prepaid SIMs come with a certain amount of minutes and airtime loaded onto them so that, when inserted into the Iridium GO! exec for example, the user is ready to start operating the device on the same pay-as-you-go basis as someone using top-ups would. In the same way as with satellite phones, however, there is a risk of overrunning your validity period with an active SIM. If this happens, there is a grace period where you must extend your validity period to avoid the SIM card becoming unusable and the minutes and airtime lost.

As always, our team of experts at OSAT is here to help. So, if you need any advice about our range of Iridium airtime options, contact us via:

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