A Comparison of Airtime, SIM Cards, Top-Ups, Prepaid Plans, and Monthly Rates

Introduction to Inmarsat Connectivity Options

Inmarsat is one of the world’s most well-known and widely used satellite networks. With near-global coverage, it is a solid connectivity option when it comes to activating your new satellite phone or Inmarsat satellite device. However, like all satellite networks, there are options available to you depending on your requirements, budget, and usage amount. This article aims to highlight which Inmarsat connectivity plan and airtime package works best for different customer needs.

Inmarsat Airtime: Elevating Your Satellite Communication Experience

Before setting off on your trip, adventure, or excursion, you need to make sure your Inmarsat device is loaded up with enough relevant Inmarsat airtime. Your Inmarsat SIM card will also need to be activated, which our team of in-house experts and advisors can help you with, however the process is not instantaneous, so it best to arrange this well in advance of departure. Once the airtime is activated, you are free to start using your Inmarsat device, and can even keep an eye on how much airtime you have left anytime you like.

Inmarsat SIM Cards: The Gateway to Satellite Connection

Like any smartphone or smart device that’s designed to run off airtime, you need a SIM card inserted for it to work properly. This SIM card will ideally have active airtime data and minutes on it. You can choose the best minute and data bundle vouchers from our website and apply it to whatever device you’re using, from an Inmarsat satellite phone to one of their BGAN or Fleet broadband terminals. Once you have purchased airtime and received your Inmarsat SIM card, you will need to complete the SIM activation form in order to make the device usable.

IsatPhone Top-Ups: Refueling Your Communication Resources

Something we recommend to all of our OSAT customers is if they only plan on using, for example, a satellite phone, for a period of just a few weeks, is to purchase prepaid IsatPhone top-ups. This form of Inmarsat airtime works in the same way as pay-as-you-go cell phones: you only pay for what you purchase, and by topping up your satellite phone, you can keep the adventure alive for longer. For your convenience, we offer a 30-day extension voucher which will prolong your existing voucher’s validity period by a month so can remain reliably in touch.

Inmarsat Prepaid Plans: Empowering Your Satellite Communication Choices

We have a range of short-to-medium term prepaid vouchers in order to help you stay in control of your spending, especially if you are on a budget. These are our Inmarsat prepaid plans, and work much in the same way as top-ups, but are only available for first-time users e.g. those who don’t have an existing SIM card. Available as Global bundles, or regionally-specific to areas like Latin America or Sub-Saharan Africa, these useful bundles are great for anyone who wants to stay connected from remote locations on a short-to-medium term basis.

Inmarsat Satellite Phone Monthly Rates: Unveiling Subscription Alternatives to phone

For a more traditional rolling monthly contract approach, much like you would expect on the smartphone in your pocket, we offer a range of Inmarsat satellite phone monthly rates ranging from $50 a month to $104 a month on our Standard package. They each come with a $25 activation fee, and give you 10 minutes of airtime included. This may not sound like a lot, but considering you may not need to use your satellite phone for long while in a remote destination, this could work out as 10 days’ worth of one-minute-long check-in calls to a loved one or colleague back home. We recommend monthly contracts to those using a satellite device for anything longer than two or three months as it works out much more cost-friendly. With itemised monthly billing and easy direct debit set up on our website, you can be ready to go with a completed contract and activated SIM card within 24 hours.

As always, our team of experts at OSAT is here to help. So, if you need any advice about our Inmarsat connectivity and airtime options, contact us via:

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