Comparing Inmarsat, Iridium, and Thuraya's Best Satellite Phones and Accessories

Using Satellite Phones to Communicate Over Distance

Satellite phones are the ideal solution when it comes to voice or data communication from any location on the planet. Some of the satellite phone handsets we offer are capable of achieving truly global communication, meaning they can be used anywhere to make or take calls, even from the vast expanses of Antarctica. Satellite phones like ours are hugely popular with corporate or private teams and individuals from all walks of life including those in the marine industry, utilities, military, or solo adventurers looking to break the next world record.

Unveiling Better Communication Tools with the Best Satellite Phones

At OSAT we offer some of the best satellite phones on the market from the industry’s top satellite network providers. The truly global Iridium network and its one-two combo of the Iridium Extreme® and Iridium 9555 delivers voice coverage on a global scale, but come with the highest price; whereas Inmarsat’s IsatPhone 2 gives you near-global coverage at a mid-range price in a rugged handset casing that can withstand the elements. Thuraya’s range of satellite phones are much more budget-friendly but come with much more restricted coverage in that it does not extend to North or South America or the polar regions.

Reliability and Beyond with Inmarsat Satellite Phones

With an IsatPhone 2 in your hand, you know you’re holding a piece of reliable Inmarsat satellite phone hardware. The IsatPhone 2 offers complete satellite telephony with Bluetooth for handsfree use, voicemail, and text and email messaging. The IsatPhone 2 is extremely user-friendly with focus on easy connectivity and fast registration. To help you when your situation takes a turn for the urgent, you can be ready to make a call in less than 45 seconds. The IsatPhone 2 is extremely reliable with the L4 network offering availability, longevity and coverage with high voice quality and the lowest call drop rates.

Unrestricted Communication with Iridium Satellite Phones

Iridium satellite phones are often the first choice by travelers, or even the first recommendation by us, depending where in the world you might be heading. This is because Iridium phones offer truly unrestricted communication abilities. We have had customers conduct telephone interviews, using an Iridium 9555, from the mid-Atlantic, or dictate blog posts for their personal website from a tent halfway across Antarctica. These handsets really are ready to take on the world, and are robust and durable to match. The Iridium Extreme even comes with tracking and SOS functions, meaning your location can always be seen, and should a rescue mission be needed, expert search and rescue teams can be zeroed in to your coordinates.

Advanced Communication Solutions using Thuraya Satellite Phones

The Thuraya network offers coverage over Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Europe including 140 countries in these areas. With a range of small, stylish and easy-to-use handsets, Thuraya’s satellite phones can cater to a range of requirements. Their XT-LITE Thuraya satellite phone, for example, is designed for cost-conscious users who need to stay securely connected from within any of the countries served by the Thuraya satellite network. It provides reliable satellite phone connectivity with unbeatable value and is designed for cost-conscious users who need to stay securely connected, without compromising on a clear and uninterrupted connection.

Accessories for Satellite Phones

We stock a wide range of satellite phone accessories at OSAT, from reserve batteries and charger cables, to docking stations that allow your satellite phone to be hinged to the dashboard of a car for handsfree, on-the-go satellite communication. For the maritime enthusiasts there is also a variety of marine antenna kits, meaning you can secure an external antenna to the top of a boat or vessel, and enjoy reliable satellite connectivity and communication via satellite phone from within the boat.

Choosing the Right Satellite Phone and Accessories

The type of satellite phone and companion accessories you decide on very much depends on the nature of your trip, excursion, or adventure. If you know there will be vehicle travel along the way, opt for accessories that allow you to use your satellite phone while on the move. If you think the environment through which you will be travelling will be rough or hazardous, consider a protective holster for your phone. The main thing is to consider where in the world you will operate, as that will very much determine the type of phone you will have to bring with you. After that you can budget accordingly so that you ensure you decide on a phone that you can afford.

As always, our team of experts at OSAT is here to help. So, if you need any advice about our satellite phones and accessories, contact us via:

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