3 ways communications can improve the success of your expedition

How can satellite communications help you acheive your goals?

Due to the nature of our business we frequently get customers coming to us who are planning Expeditions or Adventures in the deepest, darkest corners of the earth. With that brings the requirement to carry communications equipment to keep them connected, whether it be to keep followers back home up to date or more importantly for safety purposes.

3 ways communications will help you reach your expedition goals:

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In today's world we are usually constantly connected via social media - people like to know what we're doing and where we are! For charitable expeditions giving followers back home the opportunity to follow your progress can really make a difference in how much they are willing to contribute while non-charitable expeditions can hook in more followers. Telling people you are going to trek across a desert or row solo across an ocean sounds impressive. But give people a chance to actually see where you are each day via an online map and see your location in satellite view can really bring home how testing your challenge is.

Depending on location you can also look at equipment which give you the chance to send back pictures and posts to social media giving followers even more of an insight into how you are doing. Sharing the expedition as you go leads to a stronger connection between you and your followers. For charitable expeditions this should hopefully lead to more donations for your charities!


If you are heading into a remote or dangerous part of the world, chances are that traditional methods of communication such as internet or phone are going to be impaired or non-existent! So if you get into trouble, how will you call for help? Our life-saving products can send you co-ordinates to safety teams or emergency services anywhere in the world.


Thirdly, for those teams attempting a world record, our equipment can track your progress all the way providing the necessary proof that you completed the trip as you planned.

Sounds good, but how much will it cost?

We realise that not all expeditions (especially those for charitable causes) have deep pockets to purchase the latest satellite technology, after all the goal is to raise as much as possible. That's why we like to help where we can with our Sponsorship Programme. The programme aims to help those expeditions raising funds for charitable causes to reach their goals by loaning equipment on a short term basis. Even if you aren't successful with the Sponsorship Programme or your expedition is non-charitable we offer short term rentals on phones, trackers, PLBs and internet terminals which could be more affordable than you think.

What are the requirements for the Sponsorship Programme?

This year marks our 10th anniversary in business and we have seen many customers completing certain organised events each year. Therefore, we search for unique expeditions which capture our imagination. Also, it shows us just how far our equipment can really make a difference to the success of the project and fundraising.

Our updated requirements for the Sponsorship Programme:

  • Your expedition is raising funds for charitable causes
  • Your expedition is not part of an organised event with multiple participants
  • The equipment is not required for longer than 2 months

Think you fit the requirements? Please apply online for the programme, we'd love to hear what you've got planned! We will process your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

apply online

Read about how our previous Charitable Sponsored Expeditions used our equipment

oarsome-odyssey"The sat phone was great, especially if you phoned landlines it was crystal clear wherever we were. The inReach was handy for sending a pre-set message to our nervous parents every few hours, it did them wonders!"

Oarsome Odyssey - World Record Holders completed their independent Atlantic row in 48 days, 6 hours and 31 mins. This made them “Youngest pair to row any Ocean” and “Youngest siblings to row any Ocean”

philly-byrde"It's a sad fact that almost every year hikers get seriously injured, go missing or even die in the PCT's often unforgiving environment. Even more desperate, there are several incidents where a PLB could arguably have made all the difference."

Philly Byrde - currently hiking solo from the Mexican border into Canada, via the Pacific Crest Trail. This route is 2,650-miles long through wilderness, desert, high sierra and temperate rainforest.

plugin-adventure"Being in the middle of nowhere in Kazakhstan and having the confidence to know that we can get a message to family and friends with our exact location was very reassuring, and after testing the Spot Tracker in some of the most remote countries we can honestly say that this device is a fantastic piece of kit for any traveller out their. We will definitely be taking our Spot Tracker on any further adventures we undertake."

Chris & Julie Ramsey "Plugin Adventure" - The first team to complete the 10,000 mile Mongol Rally in a fully electric car.

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