BikingMan Chooses SPOT from GTC to Track 116 Participants in 850 km Corsica Race

Challenge: How to track and protect more than 100 Bike Riders in an Ultra Distance Race

BikingMan organises ultra-distance cycling races which bring together the most extreme climatic and topographic conditions of the planet. To track progress and keep participants safe each entrant is provided with a SPOT satellite tracker. Previously the SPOT Gen3 has been used but due to the increased popularity of the races, BikingMan expanded their number of satellite trackers to also incorporate the new and improved SPOT Gen4.

With participants cycling 850km over just 5 days, BikingMan needed a device that can be relied on not only to track progress of the competitors but to call for help if the situation arises.

Solution: Affordable and rapidly deployable tracking

Launched Q3 2020, SPOT Gen4 offers enhanced features including upgraded IP68 rating, improved battery life, improved grip and SOS button design. It keeps the lightweight and compact shape of the previous SPOT models, an important feature for those competing in races such as the BikingMan event.

As with its predecessor, at the push of a button SPOT Gen4 will send the user's GPS co-ordinates via satellite to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) which will communicate with local responders to initiate an emergency rescue.

Not only is SPOT a popular choice for its associated flexible and cost-effective messaging plans but also for its quick setup which allows race organisers time to focus on other important preparations.

"The SPOT Gen4 tracker is definitely a must have update for all SPOT users: more powerful, more durable, especially in the extreme conditions of ultra-bike racing. Supported by GTC’s 24x7x365 customer service, we were able to utilize the newest SPOT Gen4 to help ensure the safety of our riders.”

Axel Carion, BikingMan Founder

Why use trackers?

  • Allow fans to follow progress of participants
  • Know participants are safe with real-time tracking
  • Ability to call for help if needed
  • Greater exposure of the event for sponsors and other stakeholders

Find out more

For more information about the SPOT Gen4 please contact a GTC representative or visit

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