A Globally Operating Search and Rescue Hub

The GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre (IERCC) has been coordinating rescue operations all over the world since 2007. As an organisation they are globally active with responders available 24/7 and spread over 200 countries and territories.

When someone triggers an SOS alert on a compatible device, the IERCC team work quickly with local response authorities in order to formulate a rescue mission. In 2020, emergency response abilities were bolstered when the GEOS IERCC was acquired by Garmin®.

A lot of GTC handheld devices have SOS functionality built-in as standard, offering peace of mind to device carriers if they find themselves in a critical situation. At a press of the SOS button, the device transmits a message to GEOS where an alert is then sent to emergency services local to the carrier’s position.

GEOS acts as a go-between from device carrier and response agencies, making them an alerting post. However, a lot of the time GEOS will work with all parties involved in the situation, including first responders and even family members, in order to make sure everyone is kept up to date and new information is received by all that need it until the mission or call is resolved.

In order to optimise their delivery of service, GEOS use a comprehensive directory of response agencies around the world to ensure they have the correct contacts when it matters. These agencies represent the primary search and rescue facility in each country, so, by using the same database, it means GEOS teams know exactly who to call when the need arises.

As a truly global organisation, GEOS have helped with rescue missions as far north as the Arctic Sea, right the way down to the very southern tip of South America, executing rescue operations for natural and man-made disasters from avalanches to plane crashes. To date, they have received over 85,000 SOS alerts and coordinated more than 13,000 emergency responses.

GEOS Alliance, whose motto is: "So others may live to tell about it", operates globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, helping in the rescue of all savable lives on land, in the air, or at sea.

Supported Devices Available from GTC:
• inReach® SE/inReach SE+ by Garmin
• inReach Explorer®/inReach Explorer+ by Garmin
• inReach Mini by Garmin
• Montana® 700i/Montana 750i by Garmin
• GPSMAP® 66i/GPSMAP 86i by Garmin
• Inmarsat IsatPhone 21
• Inmarsat PRO
• Iridium Extreme/PTT1
• Iridium GO!1

1. In order to send an SOS alert and request emergency response coordination services from the IERCC, the user must also register this device directly with the IERCC; see https://mygeos.com/registration

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