3 reasons why satellite communications are important to your business



With the rise in popularity of smartphones in the last 10 years gone are the days when being out of the office means being out of touch with your colleagues. But what happens when you operate in parts of the world where traditional methods of communication either do not exist or are impaired?

Satellite communications equipment works completely independently of mobile networks offering a vital line of communication anywhere in the world. No signal? No problem.

Our range of sat comms solutions give you voice, data and GPS tracking capability anywhere in the world - send reports from the field, keep on top of your emails, live stream video broadcasts or connect to your business' VPN even in the most remote corners of the world.

Why keep your colleagues or customers waiting when you can stay in touch via satellite anywhere, anytime.


Whether it be for vehicles, personnel or other assets, safety is critical when operating in unstable or remote areas of the world. We provide solutions to ensure you can keep in touch with your assets - a cost-effective way to do this is with GPS tracking.

GTCTrack, our online mapping portal offers near real-time tracking of assets and is compatible with more than 50 different tracking products. The portal provides two-way messaging, SOS alerts and detailed reporting giving you peace of mind that you can locate your assets at all times. Location of your asset is obtained by GPS satellite and sent on using Iridium, Inmarsat or Globalstar satellite networks.


Contingency Planning

Even if you don’t operate in areas with impaired or non-existent terrestrial networks what happens if the networks you rely on every day fail? Many businesses look to sat comms solutions when establishing contingency planning policies. History shows that if a terrorist attack or natural disaster occurs traditional methods of communication can be either temporarily impaired or destroyed completely. Satellite phones and terminals overcome this problem as they do not rely on traditional network infrastructure.

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