Odeo Strobe LED Flare

Odeo Strobe LED Flare


The NEW Odeo flare is a high-intensity LED strobe, for your personal safety at sea or on land. Easily attach the flare using the velcro strap to your lifejacket or hold the strobe in an emergency. 

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The new Odeo LED Strobe flare is capable of a visible high-intensity flash and infra-red signal for warning or pinpointing your location. 

What is Included?

  • Odeo Strobe with velcro-strap
  • Lanyard
  • User replaceable batteries

Odeo LED Strobe Flare Key Features:

Easy Installation

The ODEO LED Strobe can be held by hand in an emergency situation or fitted to a lifejacket using the velcro strap that is supplied with the unit. Easily accessible and easily activated.

Life-saving Device

The new ODEO Strobe is designed for use in lifesaving situations as a collision warning signal, or to pinpoint your position in a distress situation. As it can be easily mounted to your life jacket or belt, the strobe is accessible the moment you need it.

High-Intensity Strobe Light

With a maximum luminous intensity of 50cd, the Odeo LED strobe is visible for over 3 nautical miles and can last for up to 2 days. 

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General Specifications
Weight 150g (including batteries)
Detection Range Minimum 3 nautical miles
Storage Temperature -30 C to +60 C 
Operating Temperature -1 C to +30 C
Waterproof Up to 2 meters
Water tightness Tested to IP68 & 50 meters for 1 hour
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