The Inmarsat IsatHub Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot Has Arrived

isathubInmarsat enables your smart phone or tablet to work seamlessly, anywhere on the planet*, completely independent of cellular or fixed networks.

Inmarsat IsatHub

IsatHub represents a significant step-change in personal connectivity, worldwide. Talk, text, and access the Internet on your smart device, anywhere inside – or outside – the coverage of cellular or terrestrial comms. With one global tariff, you can continue to depend on smart devices for work, pleasure, and keeping in touch with friends and family. IsatHub enables you to continue to use your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet beyond the reach of cellular or terrestrial networks. The service is accessed via an app on your device, to connect you to a new, low-cost terminal, smaller than an iPad. Talk, text and access the internet with your personal or work smart devices wherever you go. In fact, this device is essential for some sectors. For example, journalists rely on social media and other digital channels, so can update their readers on news as it happens from remote areas. This Wi-Fi Hotspot provides IsatHubdata speeds of up to 384kbps and an unrivalled network availability of 99.9%! No other mobile satellite operator can offer this level of performance and reliability for smart device connectivity. * Coverage is over the global Inmarsat-4 satellite network, which excludes extreme polar regions
The IsatHub is available to buy now!

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