As Hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic regions is underway, here is your reminder about the importance of being prepared for weather related emergencies.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

If you live in regions threatened by hurricanes or will likely be affected by extreme weather,  stay connected with satellite communications. It is essential to be prepared before the worst case scenario presents itself.

People often remember physical essentials like food, water and shelter during disasters. However, communications are overlooked as an emergency resource. In fact, during extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes or tropical storms, telephones can fail quickly. Moreover, even if telephone lines do not fail, landline connections and cellular networks can be overloaded with users attempting to place calls. Additionally, there is a risk that your computer and Wi-Fi router will have no power and your cellular phone can’t get a signal.

Therefore, satellite communication becomes the only alternative. Satellite communication devices become a lifeline during extreme weather conditions. These devices keep you connected to friends and family via a satellite network, completely unaffected by damage to terrestrial infrastructures.

Our Satellite Phones

At Orbital Satcom, we are a leading provider of satellite phones across the world, to keep our customers connected. Our Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya satellite phones provide essential communications. Keep in touch with families, friends and businesses during any weather related emergencies.


Stay Connected, Not Stranded Bundles

Our Iridium and Inmarsat bundles enable you to purchase a satellite phone and airtime for you to stay connected before, during and after hurricane season.

Iridium Bundle

The Iridium Bundle includes an Iridium 9555 satellite phone and 200 minutes airtime credit. The validity of the airtime will keep you connected for up to 6 months; allowing you to communicate before, during and after weather related emergencies. The Iridium 9555 satellite phone has  global coverage across anywhere in the world.

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Iridium Bundle

Inmarsat Bundle

The Inmarsat Bundle includes an Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 satellite phone and 100 minutes airtime credit. The validity of airtime will keep you in communication with friends, family and colleagues for up to 90 Days. The IsatPhone 2 satellite phone has global coverage across anywhere in the world, excluding the poles.

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Inmarsat Bundle#

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