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    NEW: SPOT X Tracker with Bluetooth

    SPOT has added the new SPOT X with Bluetooth to their SPOT tracker product portfolio. Owners can now connect their smartphone to their SPOT X via the SPOT app to send communications via satellite.

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    UPDATE: Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Support Ending

    Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro handsets reach the end-of-support effective Tuesday 1st October 2019. Existing IsatPhone Pro handsets and accessories will still be able to access the network with active SIMs but further customer support for this handset model and it's accessories will end. What does this mean?

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    Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

    As Hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic regions is underway, here is your reminder about the importance of being prepared for weather related emergencies.

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    UPDATE: Inmarsat IsatPhone Prepaid Airtime Changes

    Inmarsat is introducing new calling rates for their IsatPhone Prepaid airtime.

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    UPDATE: New Firmware for Iridium Satellite Phones

    There is a new Firmware release now available for Iridium 9555, Iridium 9575 Extreme and Iridium Push-To-Talk (PTT) Satellite Phones. Follow our instructions to download the latest version of your Iridium Satellite Phone firmware.

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    UPDATE: Thuraya Prepaid Validity and Plan Changes

    Thuraya is updating the way their airtime validity vouchers and SIM renewals work. Find out more information about these changes, which come into force on 1st April 2019.

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    Frequently Asked Questions before buying a Satellite Phone

    Discover the answers to the questions we are frequently asked before our customers buy a Satellite Phone, including how to check their balance.

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    NEW: SPOT X Satellite Tracker

    The SPOT X Satellite Tracker is the first two-way satellite communicator from SPOT. Find out more about the key benefits of this tracker ...

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